Jim Wilson is an award nominated voice artist based in the North West. From Northern accent to well spoken RP and everything in between, Jim’s voice is “Warm and distinctive, compelling and full of character” Listen below; 

The essence of your story.
The heart of your message.
The right voice.


Pro Voice Over for your projects

Every project is unique, and together we will find the right tone and approach needed to reach your audience in the best way.

Be it via a remote recording session, or with you in a studio, Jim will respond to your direction to get your message across. Your words, your chosen style, Jim’s award nominated voice.

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Client Feedback

I have worked with Jim several times for some really important projects and he has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. The projects I used Jim for involved a broad range of characters and Jim's ability to bring each one to life was more than I could have imagined. Especially 'hippo', which was absolutely hilarious! He is professional, easygoing and an absolutely joy to work with. He's always happy to go the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble. I couldn't be happier with the work produced by Jim and I can't recommend him enough.

Hannah Donkin Music Squad

I've sat in on a lot of VO sessions over the last 16 years & I've got to admit, that was my favourite! You're a natural & true professional Jim, I'm really pleased you're involved in this project.

Rick Frier Fresh Cut Creative

Free initial script read

For every project, Jim can deliver a demo read through of a small portion of your script free of charge. You can provide feedback on style, give performance directions, and be assured that you’ll hit the ground running when it comes to the full recording session. Often, time is of the essence, so once the quote is agreed turnaround will be fast.

How We Work

Easy Steps for Your Project

01. Planning

Get in touch with Jim,
and discuss how your project
can benefit from his voice work.
Agree a fee and a recording date,
and you're all set!

02. Recording

Jim will either record on his own,
or you can join the session remotely
to help direct and get precisely
the performance you need.

03. Delivery

within 24 hours of the recording,
final files will be delivered to you
in whatever format you require.

What do you receive?

It’s totally up to you if you want to receive the raw session files, or a fully edited final mix. (Why not save yourself the work?) Everything is recorded at 48Khz, 24bit. Full resolution WAV files can be sent via any preferred method. Usually WeTransfer, or via email attachment dependant on file size. If you’d prefer AIFF or Mp3, or even all of them, that’s fine too.

Once you have received the initial recordings from Jim, you are free to ask for any small changes as part of the package. Projects are often very fluid, and things can keep changing right up to the last minute, so you can also ask for a few different takes, just to make sure you’ve got options for your final edit.

Once you’re happy, the recordings are yours and you’ll receive an invoice to be paid within 30 days.


Get In Touch

Jim is always happy to have a chat and discuss your project. Feel free to call, text or email.